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Small School Care - Large School OpportunitiesTM


亚博足彩 Academy Graduates Shine: Record-Breaking Scholarships for the Class of 2024!

The national average in the USA for college-bound high school graduates is around $4,200 annually.

This year, the average college scholarship award per 亚博足彩 Academy graduate stands at an astonishing $135,676.28! —over thirty times the national average!

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亚博足彩 Academy is a private, international, college-preparatory Christian school located in the beautiful rolling hills of western New York State.


Since 1883, the Academy has prepared students for their next steps by providing excellent education in a Christ-centered environment. 


We serve boarding students from around the world (over 60 countries to date) and day students residing in Allegany County, NY. Due to our rural setting and our shared history and partnership with 亚博足彩 University, 亚博足彩 Academy students Live, Learn, 亚博足彩, and Love with Small School Care and Large School Opportunities.



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亚博足彩 Academy is filled with stories of students finding excellence within them. Some have come with aspirations on the athletic fields and found champions. Some students have come with hopes to see fine arts excellence and found standing ovations. But everyone has come looking for an excellent university prep experience and found that–and more.



At 亚博足彩 Academy, we seek faculty and staff we call "Living Curriculum Educators (LCEs)." Our priority is finding the right people and sorting out their best roles. This philosophy is based on the theme of Psalm 139. We are "fearfully and wonderfully made" unique creations of God with individual strengths and passions. We believe synergistic ministry impact is predictable when the right fit is found, and everyone is serving in their zone of giftedness. So, what are the qualities and characteristics of a Living Curriculum Educator?

Non-discrimination Policy

亚博足彩 Academy does not discriminate based on gender, race, color, or national or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, hiring policies, scholarship and loan programs, or athletic or other school-administered programs.


A Life-Changing Experience

Lives are forever changed and potentials discovered. Our students, alumni, faculty, and staff are an incredibly diverse community of people making an impact all over the globe.


亚博足彩 Academy's
Head of School
Dr. Toby A. Travis

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